So tonight is the night.

Finally, after years of talking incessantly about food to various family members, friends and colleagues, being a guinea pig of sorts by cooking countless meals (50% of them being successful) for said friends and family, eating at various dives, cafes, ethnic restaurants and in my kitchen here in Philadelphia seeking culinary nirvana, a blog.

I have thought a lot about food writing and so far have not come up with any formula. So with this blog I will (pardon me) start from scratch. That said, this isn’t a cooking blog, review blog, or a photo blog per se. It’s a mixed bag of sort. There will always be one common denominator, you guessed it, food.

So for my first entry, what did I cook? NOTHING.

Joe and I and got take out from Wah -Gi- Wah Halal Restaurant (http://www.wah-gi-wah-halal.com). They serve Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian food and are a ($) restaurant. We chose three dishes and one side of rice (which was not included with any of the entrees) all of which came to $20. Not bad for a too tired to cook Wednesday night meal.We dined on creamy red lentils, palak paneer (spinach and cheese cubes), and (a little too oily) goat curry over some very fluffy white basmati rice. Both of us were so hungry at the time neither of us took a picture. It was really less about the presentation and more about the flavor anyway. Which got even better after we glazed the dishes with spicy yogurt sauce that was included with the meal. Will I dine there again? Yes. Next time I will eat at the restaurant and after gazing over at my fellow diners and checking out their selections, I will order at will. Tonight, as I picked up the food and walked past the many tables of seated patrons, I already came to one conclusion.I will definitely be ordering the whole chicken.


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  1. Auntie Deb

    LOve, Love , Love the Blogg! Auntie DEB

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