New rituals

This afternoon we hopped in the car and traveled a little over an hour to meet the Treier family in West Chester, a beautiful town outside of our city. Rolling hills, lush green landscape, cottages next to mansions next to farms. It’s a glorious little hodge podge and right smack in the middle of it are two adjoining eateries ( The 4 Dogs Tavern has now become part of our mother’s day tradition.

Photo by John Lauber

The food there doesn’t really wow, it’s more just about the atmosphere. I always take the first chance I get at spending the afternoon in the country. Between the five of us we ordered crispy crab quesadillas, sandwiches (crab cake, salmon grilled cheese, and pulled pork) and a four cheese, mushroom & pea ravioli. From the beer list we drank Leffe Blonde, Philly Pale Ale, and Stoudt’s Scarlet Lady. Finally, for our dessert we nibbled on key lime pie, lemon meringue ice cream cake, creme brulee, and drank black coffee. All and all it was a satisfying meal but slightly lackluster. I just can’t say “no” to a place named for four retrievers. Not to mention it is directly halfway between me and my family.

My Mom eating creme brulee and my Dad eating lemon meringue ice cream cake. 


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