Breakfast for dinner or something like it.

The dish I prepared for dinner tonight is Libyan in origin. Some call it Israeli others Italian, I call it the dish I cook when I am too tired to cook mushroom risotto, which is exactly what happened this evening. Mushroom risotto seemed good in theory as I was riding the trolley home at 7:30 tonight. In reality, who wants to start a risotto at 8pm on a work night? So instead a replacement – eggs in purgatory, or eggs poached in tomato sauce, or shakshuka. Whichever name you prefer to call it, it is delicious, easy, and vegetarian (ova-lacto). It went very well with the under 10$ bottle of white I purchased for cooking wine. What can I say, a few ice cubes and you have a refreshing after work beverage. Serve it with bread, pasta, rice or polenta. We ate it with the heel of our weekly rosemary olive loaf.



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2 responses to “Breakfast for dinner or something like it.

  1. sochi

    Did you have a starch with it? Rice or crusty bread or anything?

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