How we begin the weekend

There is only thing that I love more than cooking and that is shopping for food. It is Saturday morning and the first thing on my mind? Breakfast. What am I going to eat? I head out to the co-op  and my favorite neighborhood bakery. Pick up some eggs, bread for the week, bagels, and apple and peach turnovers for later tonight.

The errand running is all me, I find such pleasure in it. During that time there is always a chance I may come across something I have never seen or tasted before and because of that it is always a treat.

Our morning really begins when I return home with our dog, Birdy, greeting me at the door. Eggs, bagels, fresh juice, coffee, and us.

There is nothing sweeter than this.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy eating.


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One response to “How we begin the weekend

  1. Susan Ellis

    Love this blog! The beginning of your weekend sounds delicious. Please keep inspiring me to view cooking/shopping not as an often required chore, but at least occasionally as a form of art.

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