About me

The name of this blog, bull in the kitchen, comes from a set of three pitchers my Grandmother had displayed in her kitchen. They were from Arabia of Finland designed by the mid-century artist Kaj Franck. It was that same grandmother who instilled in me an adoration of food. It’s because of her I can never have too many new food experiences.

As it turns out I (Stacy) am also a bull in the kitchen or at least as told so by my husband (Joe). I can tirelessly talk about food, read about it, cook it, and eat it. This happens both in-and-out of my house (in Philadelphia). I am constantly plowing through new recipes and learning something new in or about (the) kitchen. There is never a dull dinner in our house and now I have decided to share.



6 responses to “About me

  1. Hi Stacy! I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Auntie Deb

    Stacy…I had no idea those pitchers were Arabia …that is what my good dishes are…the blue and white ones in my dining room cabinet….Arabia Valencia…..strange that you discoverd that! Love your bio…..Miss you Aunt Deb.

  3. Rachel Purcell

    Hi there! What a truly interesting blog-personable travel log on the joys of good food. Nice mixture: curious and brave with a beautifully artistic eye…
    hey, that’s you ! Great work!, R

  4. rebecca

    hey stacy,
    i am really excited to look through more of your blog. we loved meeting you and j tonight at C and B’s!
    this is what i was talking about.
    lets hang out again, and have a cooking/eating date!
    rebecca from s. philly

  5. PernaLyn

    this makes me happy. nuts to you, my friend!

  6. I want to subscribe to your blog!

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