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Summer’s sweet corn

There are many reasons why I craved the dinner we had tonight. One of these was the picnic I attended yesterday, where there were two different types of corn salad served –  a raw salad, with sprouted quinoa, and a mexican corn salad with tomatoes, cilantro, and mexican cheese. Our dinner tonight could have also resulted from a conversation I had yesterday with the raw corn salad’s creator who, because of chronic headaches since a young age, has chosen a raw diet. Dinner tonight could also have been influenced by a chat I had with my co-workers today about a quest for the best tacos in Philadelphia. Clearly the weather, hot and humid, also played a role as I never feel like eating heavy on a hot day. It was all of this in addition to me wanting to eat a protein-rich, meatless, colorful dinner on this hot summer night. How can you not crave food when it looks like this?

As I entered Sue’s Produce on 18th Street, I decided that my meal tonight would yet again consist of corn on the cob. I walked around with $7. 75 in my pocket (Sue’s is cash only) and I picked out some corn, tomatoes, limes, cilantro… as I did this the meal started to build itself. I checked out, $6.00 total. It was then I decided with my extra $1.75 I would buy a small red cabbage with which to make a corn salad of sorts; however, this salad would contain some extra ingredients I had around the house: a can of black beans, red onion, and a very ripe avocado.

I peeled the red cabbage very carefully and made taco shells with the leaves. The meal really was influenced by several instances over the past few days,  all of which contributed to my very healthy, light, flavorful dinner.

For my leftovers tomorrow, I chopped the remaining cabbage and tossed it with the salad along with the leftover avocado. It may even be better tomorrow because of all the ingredients spending the night in the lime marinade. I hope you too are enjoying the summer produce.



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A fine chop suey

What is the first thing one would crave after an uninspired veggie burger for lunch? Why this of course.

Not only did I choose the veggie burger because I really wanted a meatless lunch but I was attempting to make a healthy lunch selection. Why not a salad one would ask, and rightfully so. My lunch really turned out to be more a samosa on a bun rather than a patty made of vegetables. Keeping on my quest for a healthy lunch, I ate a grapefruit for dessert. That said, I decided on a tofu chop suey of sorts for my dinner tonight. Veggies, veggies, veggies- Grains, grains, grains! This shall be my new mantra.

Tofu selection is very important, the firmer the better. It makes it more of a versatile cooking ingredient and doesn’t turn whatever you are making into a tofu scramble. I was recently introduced to this tofu, Fresh Tofu, Inc. It’s local and obviously made with love. How can you not love that? It stays together better than any other tofu I have tried and the flavor is somehow richer. It’s tofu, is that really possible? Yes.

Always remember to press out the tofu.Use whatever method works best, just get as much water out as you can.

I had a few cremini mushrooms in my refrigerator (you may remember the previous post regarding the mushroom risotto that never materialized). Add some garlic (3 cloves) a thumb size of ginger (grated), some swiss chard, red pepper, and zucchini purchased yesterday on a whim.

Mix together a tablespoon of sherry, a tablespoon of soy sauce, pinch of salt, two teaspoons of sesame oil, some honey and a teeny bit of corn starch. Make some brown rice and voila, health in a bowl. Now I can take this for lunch tomorrow and samosa on a bun won’t even be an option. Oh, and as always don’t forget the hot sauce.

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